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In October 1946, Alpha Kappa Alpha was the first sorority to obtain observer status at the United Nations. On January 25, 1948, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Gamma Rho sororities and Alpha Phi Alpha and Phi Beta Sigma fraternities were charter members of the ACHR. Alpha Kappa Alpha began to unite members at the annual Boulé, the sorority’s governing body. The sorority’s pledge was written by Grace Edwards and was adopted by the 1920 Boulé. In addition, the sorority’s crest was designed by Phyllis Wheatley Waters and accepted in the same Boulé. A year later, at the 1921 Boulé, the Ivy Leaf was designated as “the official organ of Alpha Kappa Alpha,” and Founders’ Week, paying honor to ΆKΆ’s founders was established.


Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee, who both agreed to pass legislation in both houses of the United States Congress to commemorate the sorority’s founding. In addition, the toy company Mattel designed a Barbie collectible doll fashioned with a pink and green evening gown. The sorority responded to the call for help in fall 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, by raising money for a disaster relief fund.

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Partnerships in Mathematics and Science began in Eva Evans’s administration in 1994, and was a part of the SPIRIT program during the Linda White administration. Campaigns to highlight the program’s importance were sponsored by the National Science Foundation and historically black colleges from across the country. For example, a PIMS program at Park Street Elementary School in Marietta, Georgia, consisted of third through fifth grade girls and provided educational field trips in order to stimulate involvement in math and science. Also, a national P.I.M.S. Olympiad, deriving from knowledge of math and science, in conjunction with the PIMS Community Parade was held at the 58th Boulé in Dallas, Texas.

  • In response, McKinzie denied the allegations, describing them as “without merit.” The memberships of the eight AKAs who filed the complaint were revoked by the sorority in retaliation for the lawsuit but later forced to be reinstated by a judge.
  • This stepshow provides scholarships to deserving UAB students by funds generated from people attending.
  • By the end of the 1911–12 school year, there were more than 40 members of the sorority at Howard.
  • Many have given the credit of this accolade to the Beta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha however the Alpha chapter of AKA was accepted in November 1907.

To speak for your “boy” doesn’t make you a subject matter expert. Im a Sigma of 27 years a Past Master, a 32nd Degree Mason, an OES member and member of the AEAONMS and I can tell you that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Its odd that you would tell others that they are mindless sheep based off of what your “boy” related to you. Neither the BGLO’s or our lodges have direct influence on the other. We have members in both but that is a personal choice.

She was very involved in the chart of accounts example and with the campus. This stepshow provides scholarships to deserving UAB students by funds generated from people attending. The winners of the stepshow also recieve money which goes to that chapter fundrasing account which is used to donate to causes (ex. Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, etc.). Most all ceremonies involve a dark room or lighting of candles, kneeling down on a pillow at a constructed altar.

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Johnson resigned from her position at the university and hired legal representation to contest the allegations. In June 2019, Johnson plead guilty to prostituting herself and one FVSU student. Also as part of her plea deal, she testified against the men charged in the prostitution ring. Her plea deal resulted in her getting five-years of probation, 180 days of house arrest, and a $1,000 fine.

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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority became the first African American sorority to nationally incorporate on January 29, 1913. The first initiation was held in a wing of Miner Hall on Howard University on February 11, 1909. On May 25, 1909, Alpha Kappa Alpha held its first “Ivy Day,” a celebration that included planting ivy at Miner Hall. The sorority continued many service efforts that continue today. Some examples of service demonstrated before 1912 include helping create the NAACP, dc chapter, feeding the hungry and clothing the poor. Chelsea came to talk about being hazed during membership intake with AKA.

My personal experience with Kairos in forbidden detail.

Internationally, some Alpha Kappa Alpha members began marking the festivities by making a pilgrimage to Howard University from January 12 to January 15, 2008. In addition, sorority undergraduate and graduate members who were not available to attend ceremonies in Washington, D.C., held celebrations in local cities. On July 11 to July 18, 2008, Alpha Kappa Alpha held their 63rd Boulé. A town hall meeting with the public, a unity march in conjunction with other NPHC members, and a concert featuring R&B Grammy Award winning singer and Honorary Member Patti LaBelle were some of the events which occurred at the centennial Boulé.

I pray that you may turn from spiritual darkness, and walk boldly and whole-heartedly in the light of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love each of you and if you ever need me, do not hesitate to call. Sorors, for the statement of our Pledge and the singing of our Hymn, we welcome our new sorors into the larger circle which symbolizes the unity which permeates our sisterhood. Kappa Alpha Sorority we merge our endeavors with others and together we raise our standards high for all to see.

This effort was first began by the sorority in 1921, when they sent telegrams to the then 7 other existing organizations to combine into a panhellenic. By the end of the 1911–12 school year, there were more than 40 members of the sorority at Howard. In October, former President Nellie Quander received an invitation to attend a meeting of the sorority. In this meeting the group proposed to change the name, colors and symbols of the sorority. While the entire body of the organization was invited to be a part of the changes, Quander opposed the changes.

Deliver us from fear and worry that we may deal confidently with the fears and worries of others. Strengthen our faith and increase our capacity for sympathy and understanding. Make us glad to bear one another’s burdens; and be grateful for opportunities of fulfilling thus the law of eternal life. Each soror in succession will shake the hand of each candidate as an indication of our faith and trust. Alpha Kappa Alpha has established itself as a dynamic group which initiates new movements and new programs.

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I will not insult you because I don’t agree with you, nor will I call you names for not agreeing with me. IFC and ISC recruitment processes are also publicized and standardized. Students know that IFC recruitment occurs the first two weeks of spring quarter, Monday through Thursday, with the last weekend an invitation-only retreat. ISC recruitment is the second or third weekend in April, Friday to Sunday, with bids given out Monday afternoon.

Although possible, it is unlikely that this was the first time such a recruitment ritual was used by AKA. However, this may be the first time someone has been brave enough to report it. When Chelsea went back to her dorm after her experience in Cubberley, she decided immediately to stop the intake process, and told her roommate and Academic Dean.

Students are unlikely to report hazing in the first place given the circumstances in which they feel the pressure to conform. It is hard for anyone to go through the formal reporting process, freshmen RAs have no training on rush besides their own personal experiences, which will almost never be able to help students applying to one of 30 different Greek programs. The foundation was the brainchild of Constance Holland, the sister of former Alpha Kappa Alpha International President Dr. Barbara Phillips, in 1978. The foundation had official beginnings in 1980 and the sorority donated US$10,000 for the project.

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Remaining Game and Fish Advisory Board meetings, UND Paur ….

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The term soror, derived from the Latin for “sister”, is used between members of the sorority. Membership of the Directorate includes the board of directors. For graduate chapters, “Omega” is added to distinguish those which consist of college graduates from undergraduate chapters. “Supreme,” as a term, is preposed to the title of an international officeholder, such as Supreme Basileus.

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In the Wake of ‘Fall of X,’ Canada’s Premier Super Team Undertakes ….

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At the time of pledging, a pledge card shall be signed by each candidate. If the person is not initiated, the reason must be recorded on the back of the card. While several characters were shown to be “A” over the years, “A.D.” (aka “Uber A”) was finally revealed in the series finale to be (spoiler alert!) Spencer’s secret twin sister Alex Drake, played by Bellisario. And in an interview with Elle, the star revealed she had been spilling the secret for years after learning of the twist in season five. The Boulé is the regulating institution of the sorority and currently meets every two years. Throughout the years, notable individuals such as civil rights activists Martin Luther King Jr. and Roy Wilkins were speakers at past Boulé conferences.

By my second year of college I became less obsessed but still interested. I became friends with the AKA’s and finally put in my bid. When I received my badge I felt like a creep because I already had one. I have finally gotten over my obsession but remain a financial member. I will never forget the many hours I spent reading about AKA and finding out secrets I should not have known yet.

At the end of the fourth and final special, Valentino revealed his true identity, although some in the magic community had already deduced it from the previous specials after recognizing certain traits of his performance. Valentino’s first foray into magic was at the age of five with a trick called “the ball and vase” that his father gave him. In his teens, Valentino performed with the “International Cultural Awareness Program” for over a million students throughout the Unified School Systems.