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Chief Technology Officer CTO job description template

Depending on the organization, A CTO typically oversees the information technology and technology of a business. Whether the role oversees a private company or a public institution, the CTO must be capable of making company-wide decisions regarding technology. They must be well-informed about the latest technology, be innovative, and have the leadership skills to run all technological aspects of their organization.

cto job responsibilities

Product management – Technology and product often go hand-in-hand in the tech space. A top CTO should understand the product life-cycle and how to build new products and maintain existing ones. While that’s a perfectly sound definition let’s delve a bit deeper into the world of CTO roles and responsibilities. They develop corporate strategies and business models while analyzing different target markets. Develop a strategy to oversee the use of new technology in the organization. Although the taxonomy is quite broad, companies usually get to choose between two functions of a CTO.

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) job description template

However, more recently, the expectations and job description of a CTO have changed; and they have become more externally focused on technology propositions for customers. A minimum of 15 years of experience in a content production and distribution environment with a minimum of 7 years in an executive-level technology leadership position. As to the job description CTO startup always needs, the Chief Technology Officer must be a strong leader who can encourage and excite the staff, as well as persuade other C-level executives to incorporate innovation. Tasks, goals, and deadlines are usually explained to team members by the Chief Technology Officer; the team’s success enhancement depends on it. Additionally, when introducing fresh concepts to executives or stakeholders, great communication skills might be beneficial.

cto job responsibilities

Priest said this vendor model of the two roles is also gaining traction in product-based companies, as technology offerings become an integral component of their revenue models. In these companies, the CTO typically has a direct reporting relationship to the CEO or profit and loss leader. It means that technological disruptions can cripple a business overnight unless company owners dance to the fast tempo of innovation-focused changes. And the main reason for the lack of foresight is that many companies miss someone in the executive team who can embrace these changes.

Usually, in companies where technology is a core part of the customer proposition e.g. technology-led companies, software companies, eCommerce, the CTO is usually the more senior role. It is found in businesses that do not look to the technology teams for thought leadership. Again this role will often report directly to the CIO, which frees the CIO up to be more of a business strategist. In fact, having a technical experience is seen as essential to understanding the nuances of technology strategy and delivery – and if you’re looking to hire a CTO, you should expect them to be skilled in these fields. A lot of technology leadership is about strong communication and influencing.

Organizations can use the iPadOS Files app to manage files locally or in the cloud. Average annual compensation for these two roles varies depending on the source. In 2022, Glassdoor indicated that total compensation for CIOs and CTOs were comparable — with CTOs earning an average of $4,000 more than CIOs.

CTO Responsibilities

When a business idea takes hold, the CTO role and responsibilities of a functional professional are necessary to prove the organization plan’s viability. During this period, the chief technical officer is frequently a co-founder in charge of creating the digital product architecture without the assistance of third parties. In addition, the CTO’s responsibilities include data cto job responsibilities security, quality assurance, and deployment difficulties. The Technical Lead has a solid background in providing software development services (including mobile development, web development, or UI/UX design), being also responsible for solution architecture or team management. This kind of CTOs has a lot of similarities with a senior-level software developers’ team lead.

  • The latter, on the other hand, must be pre-determined, therefore CTOs in this category focus on physical and digital systems, security, as well as sustain an IT product throughout its operational life cycle.
  • They are often very technical and may hold the head of architecture position to guide the architecture of the IT innovations.
  • In fact, having a technical experience is seen as essential to understanding the nuances of technology strategy and delivery – and if you’re looking to hire a CTO, you should expect them to be skilled in these fields.
  • As a result, CEOs and boards often don’t understand or confuse the CTO’s role when they are looking to hire one.
  • Besides making critical decisions alongside other company leaders, a CTO must develop policies regarding technology so that organizations run smoothly.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with counterparts at other institutions, companies, trade organizations, and government agencies.

In other businesses, the role of a CIO may be replaced by newer ones, such as a chief digital officer. CIOs and CTOs both play a valuable role in improving enterprise IT systems and creating new products at the executive level. Indeed, in some respects, the terms are relative and depend on the individual company, business goals and the personalities involved. In general, however, the CIO and CTO are distinct roles with different responsibilities. In smaller and more early-stage companies the, CTO has a more hands-on technical and engineering role. Many startup CTOs are the ones coding and working with the product owner to get the first product quickly to market.

If a tiny startup does a good job (considering product development, new clients attraction, etc.), the swiftly developing enterprise may already lack capacities. Like any other C-level manager, they must examine the company objectives and assign needed duties. The other functions of CTO are to keep track of a team’s performance and train software developers. A simple distinction is that the CIO typically looks inward, aiming to improve processes within the company, while the CTO looks outward, using technology to improve or innovate products that serve the customers. Compensation structures for C-level employees vary and are often a hybrid of salary and performance-based bonuses.

CTO responsibilities

Besides, business-related acumen allows CTOs to better connect and partner with other leaders like CEOs. Thus, they often raise brand awareness at corporate events such as tech conferences. Following this executive job route, however, requires patience and quick learning ability. The CTO has some of the most diverse and wide-ranging success KPIs of any C-Suite role. The size, type, and maturity of a company can have a huge influence on the role of the CTO. There are no hard and fast rules, sometimes the CTO reports the CIO and sometimes visa versa.

Return-to-office health and safety protocols and related software and data. CTOs must make numerous business decisions relating to the type of CTO they become. Hyperscale data centers can hold thousands of servers and process much more data than an enterprise facility.

cto job responsibilities

With this heightened demand, employers know they need to compensate CTOs well for their advanced degrees and skills, and the challenges they may face regarding investments in business technology post-COVID. CTOs, on the other hand, preside over the overarching technology infrastructure. This includes developing marketable technology, suggesting new technologies to implement, interacting with external buyers and budgeting. Although a four-year or advanced degree will lay the foundation for the CTO role, future CTOs will have to work their way up the IT ranks. Individuals may need five to 10 years of experience in IT, according to Indeed.

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Depending on the company, a CTO may play one of several roles, including strategic planner, customer relations liaison, and overseer of infrastructure. Arguably, becoming a great leader is something that must come naturally. Helpful courses exist that can help you become a better leader, however. Management and leadership roles are the best steppingstones to obtaining the CTO role in an organization.

cto job responsibilities

Instead, all CTOs have to become technical visionaries and step away from the keyboard. The future looks bright for Chief Technology Officers, as technology becomes more and more critical to business and enabling client propositions the CTO role will only gain in stature. In my eyes, the ultimate test of a great CTO is whether they can illustrate how technology helps drive the Enterprise Value of the company they work in. If they can do that effectively then their role should be deemed a success. They are often very technical and may hold the head of architecture position to guide the architecture of the IT innovations. They will need to take charge and lead research and development, innovation labs, and their team of product engineers.

CTO salary expectations

You must have a good knowledge of the latest clean technologies, low-cost, and green materials. Leads the effectiveness assessment of IT services and service delivery to key partners and stakeholders of IT. Responsible for IT Business Operations functions to improve IT efficiency and effectiveness in achieving organizational goals . Strong operational background and ability to oversee the design of broadcast production and distribution systems and processes. Superior interpersonal skills and the ability to gain consensus with internal and external individuals and stakeholders at all levels with diplomacy and integrity. A thorough assessment of the Company’s operations and technology capabilities.

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The CTO functions in the process are to plan and perform this solution from scratch. Developing the ideal product with all of the necessary characteristics for a certain niche is a challenging task. How can the specialist playing the role of CTO in IT company be remunerated? Founded in 2011, we’ve been providing full-cycle mobile and web development services to clients from various industries. Many businesses require 15 years or more of professional experience as well as an MBA for the position of CIO. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, information systems or related field (master’s degree preferred).

Your scope of work will also include hiring and training new team members including maintaining quality, efficiency, and budget. Experience using UI development technologies including JavaScript, and CSS. Solid understanding of current application development tools and practices and operating systems. Identify and implement processes and systems to facilitate the effective workflow of projects amongst various internal departments. Oversee all stages of ideation to ingredient and product development, including formulation, validation, and commercialization. You offer a Bachelor’s degree in business, computer science, or a related field; a Master’s degree in business or a technology-related discipline is preferred.

CTO as Digital Business Leader

At that time, the director of the laboratory was a corporate vice president who did not participate in the company’s corporate decisions. Instead, the technical director was the individual responsible for attracting new scientists, to do research, and to develop products. After World War II, large corporations established research laboratories at locations separate from their headquarters. The corporation’s goals were to hire scientists and offer them facilities to conduct research on behalf of the company without the burdens of day-to-day office work.

We are seeking a highly-skilled CTO with a storied history in the technological sector. CTO’s are tasked with making executive technology decisions on behalf of the company, including managing a technology budget and making investments to align the company with its vision for its technological needs. You should be a strategic thinker, an effective communicator, and an expert in technological development. While research and development have been a component of businesses for many years, the rise of information technology and computers has increased the importance of the chief technology officer.